Ninja Brand Inc drops in to hang out with Urban Acrobatics

NBI wanted to get involved and reach out to support active lifestyles/cultures. Who better to start with than the parkour/free running community. Urban Acrobatics in Thornton, Colorado was kind enough to take some time out to educate us and get a taste firsthand of what the parkour/free running community is all about. 

It was a treat to spend an open training session with Will Davison (General Manager/Coach), Jason Budden (Coach), and Stephan Armijo (Coach). The athleticism and physical capabilities that these athletes demonstrated were nothing short of amazing. The display of speed, strength, and accuracy is jaw-dropping. It's hard not to be frequently impressed your first time seeing these coaches demonstrate what they can do. I was even more impressed during the cool down session when I had the pleasure of getting to know these guys on an individual basis. They're so goal driven and committed to this awesome lifestyle and want to see it reach greater heights. It's soon to be an event in The X Games.

NBI looks forward to throwing down on future training sessions and simply hanging out with them bad ass ninjas at Urban Acrobatics. Truly an awesome experience...