Ninja Brand Inc. is a blend of boldness, power, creativity, style and patriotism. We incorporate these fundamentals into every design we make. We represent a uniqueness that no other brand can deliver. Like the great diversity of people, cultures and lifestyles that freedom has inspired, we strive to reflect that. 

 Some ask us, "So what category does your brand fall into?" We feel putting yourself into a category can define limits, and like our dreams, we're not setting any limits.


Obstacles? Adversity? Doubt? Ninja Please... There’s a ninja in all of us that can overcome anything!



Scott, Sean, Eric & John - We are Ninja Brand Inc.Ninja Brand Inc. was founded in 2012 by a group of men who proudly support and served our United States Military. The NBI concept was originally born while overseas in a war zone; hence, our motto: "BORN IN COMBAT." A vision was created to brand and define today’s ninja while offering them apparel that has a diverse appeal and customers could be proud to wear. We acknowledge many of today’s modern ninjas are the brave men and women who proudly serve as soldiers in the United States Armed forces as well as the families of friends who support them at home. We sleep safely at night and live the greatest freedoms known to man while these modern day ninjas silently and selflessly fight abroad. We know that each and every one of our awesome fans and supporters of our vision support our men and women who protect our freedoms!




 So you know how some people are willing to sit around and wait till the end of a movie, all the way past the credits, staring at a black screen to see if there’s a little more? Um, yeah, because you’re reading this still, and that may be you, then here is a little something extra… 

Is there another part to the story you ask? The story begins way back in like the 15th century... A story of four ninjas whose paths intertwined in an epic journey to attain one thing... 

Something. We really can't tell you what that something is, because we really don't know much of anything about four ninjas way back when. We're pretty sure there's an awesome story about four ninjas in the 15th century that exist somewhere though...What we can tell you is about the owners of this company. Ninja Brand Inc. It started with three guys (four in the final fight scene, FYI) whose paths did actually cross in the war torn theaters of this modern world where your alarm clock is a rocket attack, the food always sucks, and the shower water is always cold or in the form of MWR gifted baby wipes.

So here's how it really began. Sort of… 



The closest thing we actually have to a real ninja (Until John came along, sorry Eric). He is Asian, and so one day was given the stereotypical nickname of "NINJA"... Most ninjas probably wear black… Nope, this dude wore pink. Not just that girly pink, we’re talking zumba level pink. Like most lipsticks, it eventually wore off and he stuck with wearing mostly black. Earning his nickname came quite easy in his environment, given by his fellow workers; it stuck as he moved on... NINJA. 



A ginger by day, and well, a ginger by night... Starting at an early age, sneaking up on people scaring them, and just doing things that a ginger does best, getting sunburnt. A ginger with the stealth of a ninja… GINJA. 



The man who took off to face life on his own at an earlier than normal age, slowly developed his keen sense of ninja like reflexes, and focused on perfecting his art of perfection, or otherwise known in ancient times as OCD. Organization is the key to preparing for battle, and no other does it better... We don't have a nickname for him yet, so he is: SEAN. 



He needs no introduction... But if we were to do an introduction... It'd probably sound like the intro to an MMA bout, just a guess though. More magical than a unicorn and more speed than the legal talk in a 5 second radio ad... This dude puts every stinking letter of NINJA into the word itself and adds punctuation just for fun. 


So, about 236 years ago, give or take many, Scott and Sean had ran into each other in life, not knowing that later their presence would be joined by the man who went by the name of "Ninja". We came to know each other, doing what we do best to support our soldiers' efforts overseas, we spawned an idea. Actually, way too many ideas. Eric, slowly, popping up with military style patches of "Ninja Wut", "Ninja Who", came about "Ninja Please"! Eric's personality and daily phrases describing the ninja which Scott and Sean now worked with, it became not just a patch being worn around base... It became a label. As the group clanned up, every morning became a simple greeting of "Hello Ninja". The ideas then shortly became a dream, which became a reality. Three men who formed together, raised in a brotherhood of honesty, integrity, and loyalty. Soldiers, who became ninjas in their own way, became Ninja Brand Inc. Later on in time, we believe we accidentally fed Eric after midnight, he got wet, and the number of owners multiplied into 4. That may or may not have been how John came into the mix, but we'll look back through our text messages and get back to you on that, stay tuned for the real story. 

 All joking aside, we like to joke, we like to have fun, laugh, and live life the way a ninja should be... Not all ninjas are all martially-artsy... Ninjas are people too... Not just amazingly skilled assassins. It would be really exhausting being an assassin 24/7. 

 So get ready for what's about to come your way and stay tuned to the awesome future of Ninja Brand Inc!



This is how we started this company. Tears, Sweat, and Ink. In that order. Some of the greatest companies started out in a garage...

Even the smallest blemish, and the shirt gets tossed. We expect our customers to get the best. Period.

We may not print in this  garage anymore, but we know a bit about what it takes to make quality clothing, because we've been there and done that.