What's a FAQ? - It's a Frequently Asked Question!

- Please keep in mind our policy page lists all of our policies in detail, but here's some of the FAQ's we have come up with that we believe might be of some use. We're a proud veteran owned small business, but we do make mistakes. Sometimes just asking us a simple question can always help the experience become a smooth one.

I need my order ASAP, can I find out how soon it can get sent out?

- We understand sometimes we need our orders very quickly. If you need it yesterday, please shoot us an email and we can work to expedite the order, or let you know an expected date so you're not making an uneducated guess. Normally orders will ship as early as the next morning, but due to staffing it can take a few days. If you let us know what you need, we will work to get your order sent out quickly. Some products may state they are custom made per order, so there can be a delay up to a week before it's sent out.

I ordered the wrong size... What now?

- As long as we didn't send you the wrong size, we normally just ask that you ship the shirt back and we'll send a different size back. We just ask you meet us half way, you send us the shirt back, we'll pay to send out the replacement. If time is of the essence, on good faith, we can probably send out the replacement so you don't have to wait so long. There are people out there that will exchange things every week for a new product just because they can... That is why we ask you send the original back to us, it shows us it was ordered wrong as an honest mistake.

I got something different than what I ordered, WTF!?

- Whoa, our bad... Truly...  Let us know and we'll make it right, and more than likely, we'll let you keep whatever we accidentally sent that you weren't supposed to get. Unless we accidentally sent you something we really need back, for example, like if we sent you a unicorn, but you ordered a pink shirt. We would respectfully ask that, at our expense, to please ship the unicorn back to us.

The sizing chart isn't available, what size should I get?

- Please contact us about it for specific sizing needs. The shirts we print on are pretty much standard US sizing from other major brands. If you're unsure about fit and we don't have enough information, hit us up and we'll reply asap so you know what to get.

I pulled the shirt out of the bag, wore it a few times, and there's a tear already!?

- It's true, sometimes there can be a bad apple in the bunch. We rarely have come across this, but at any time, if you have a defective product, let us know so we can get it replaced for you. We want to know if we have a defective product, so let us know, send us a picture, but remember, we have your back and will make right on the issue.



Why can't I use multiple discount codes?

- Unfortunately our platform just doesn't physically allow it, so we can't offer the use of multiple discount codes, as stated in our store policies. That said, we try to make each discount code worth your while!